SXSW Recap: Importance of Team

One common subject I heard in multiple SXSWi sessions was about how important the team was to the success of a company. Here are some of the quotes from different sessions:

We (social media) don’t stand apart from the newsroom. We’re part of it.
Michael Roston, Sr Staff Editor Social Media, The New York Times; Social Media: Breaking News or Fixing News?

Find people who want to be a part of the magic and see your vision.
Chris Wink, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Blue Man Group; Using Brands to Create Cultural Identity

I have a bigger goal than the food. It’s providing creative challenge and financial success for employees.
David Chang, Owner/Founder, Momofuku; The Future Role of Tech in Dining and Food

When you’re a medium start-up, it’s no longer all about you. You also have to think about users, employees, investors, media and competition. You deeply care about the interests of these people and try to align the interests.
Culture is more important than the product. The product is the product. Culture is the next hundred products.
Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote; Be Epic: The Art of Bold Decision Making

Family comes first. A great team translates to happier customers.
Success comes from the team and the idea.
Surround yourself with smart people.
Jessica Alba, Founder, and Brian Lee, CEO & Co-Founder, The Honest Company; Inc. Presents: The Honest Company

Diverse teams make better products. You have to create your team before a product.
Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer, US Office Of Science & Technology Policy; How Innovation Happens

It’s not a new idea that the team and company culture are what drive the success of a business. A quick search will give you numerous books, videos, and articles about the subject. Choose the right people; get their buy-in when it comes to company values, mission, etc; take care of your team. Treat your people well and they’ll treat your customers well, which brings your company success. I think this is why so many companies are going the way of Google and Facebook – flexible hours and vacation, free food, reasonable if not more compensation – when it comes to providing for employees and creating a company culture.

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