Introducing: Tough Love

In a discussion with my boss and co-worker, I educated them on the quarterlife crisis. They, being in generations older than me, were baffled that millennials – so lazy and entitled as we are – created a “crisis” to deal with not being able to find a job, being directionless, and taking our sweet time “figuring it out.” I talked about my struggles along the way of arriving where I am and that is how the idea of this blog feature came along.

I have had no professional training for giving you life and career advice. I’m starting this series because I’ve been there and am living life the best I can. My education on the subject comes from personal experience (days, weeks and months of living a crisis) and observation and reading many articles and books on how to make my life better. Figuring this stuff out isn’t a one-time fix. “Figuring it out” requires constant reminders to yourself about what you want to accomplish and what you want in life. There are days when what you want to be and do is as clear as crystal and other days, a few disappointments can lead you into an unsettling spiral of self-doubt. I know how it is!

It’s also called Tough Love because I will give it to you straight, no BS. Stop beating around the bush feeling sorry for yourself! Stop looking around being jealous of the things you don’t have because you haven’t put in the work to get those things. There are tough statements to hear, but through ‘Tough Love,’ I want to show and remind you how we – not only millenials – can improve our lives and adjust our thinking. I want to challenge you to do more and I want to plant seeds to inspire you to:
    • take charge of whatever crisis you’re in
    • ask yourself tough questions
    • explore what you feel, want and need
    • add something to this world, and
    • most importantly, be a better human

Welcome and put your seat belts on!

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