Recap of Brit + Co’s Re:Make 2015 Conference

I walked away with some important insights from last weekend’s Re:Make 2015 conference put on by Brit + Co. Here are the highlights from the speakers.

Lindsay Ell

Brit Morin

Everyone is creative. Creative projects keep you from aging and cures anxiety. Creativity releases dopamine, making you happier! For employers and employees: being healthier and happier means you’re more productive and effective at work.

Tina Seelig

Pay more attention to things! Think about the processes in your daily life and how to make them better.

Scott Belsky

Most ideas never happen. Why? Because the energy and excitement of the idea decreases and plateaus as time passes. We keep coming up with new ideas/projects instead of completing one. So, pick an idea and manage your action steps.

Don’t fight competition. Competition makes you act! Use it to spur you on.

Find one or two things that are most important and compromise on everything else because you can’t please everyone. Embrace flexibility.

Nothing extraordinary comes from ordinary means.

Scott Belsky

Jessica Hische

[About doing work] If it’s something that’s important to you, you’ll pour your heart into it.

Jen Gotch

Compare yourself to the big buys but be realistic about your resources.

Listen to your customers. They’re not always right but it’s still good to hear. It’s constructive criticism.

 Jen Gotch

Suzanne Howard

Creativity is a muscle you need to exercise to prevent atrophy.

Cassey Ho

The more you give, the more you receive.

Celebrate the fruits of your labor.

Fitness gives you clarity. (Exercise in the morning!)

The final panel was made up of musical artists Lindsay Ell, Lindsey Sterling and Bonnie McKee. They talked musical inspiration, their career progression, and their thoughts on current topics such as music streaming sites.

ReMake Music Panel

All in all, Re:Make was a conference that supported creativity and gave opportunities and resources to help attendees exercise our creativity and find out how to add more creativity in our lives. Whether it’s by exploring new habits to actually get things done, exploring new creative avenues, supporting creative projects, or opening our eyes to what could be; it was clear that the opportunity for creativity is readily available and that creativity was necessary in our daily lives.

Want to read more about my conference experience? Head over to Fearless Captivations for details.

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