Branding 101: Why Build Your Company Foundation?

Branding 101 anitakc

As described in the 101 post, branding is how the public feels about your brand and involves all the design and messages attached to your company and products/services. It’s commonly described as the promise you’re giving to customers. Branding also helps your employees and potential employees align themselves with the company.

Let’s think about the Nike brand. Can you see the swoop logo in your head? Their “Just Do It” tagline invokes confidence, hard work, ambition, and collaboration. Their persona is the strong and motivated athlete you want to become. Their brand ambassadors, the athletes making appearances in commercials or wearing their gear because of sponsorships, are examples that using the Nike product can make you a better athlete. Through their branding, you envision a company that will help you become the best athlete.

In the end, branding helps the consumer embody what the company is all about at its core. Continue Reading…

What are Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, Social Media and Advertising?

I can understand why people have questions about the difference in marketing, public relations, branding, social media and advertising. They all are aiming to do the same thing but in different ways or through different platforms. I hope this will help you understand it!


Marketing is how your company increases awareness and creates behavior change to your desired audience. It’s how you promote and sell your products or services. The traditional marketing mix involves the 4 Ps: product, place, price, and promotion.

  • Product: what you are selling. For “product” to be successful, you’ll need to think about packaging, design and messaging. This is where branding comes into play and it’s described more below.
  • Place: where you are selling it. For “place” to be successful, you’ll need to think about your markets, distribution channels and target audience. Who are you trying to reach and where can you reach them?
  • Price: at what price are you selling it. For “price” to be successful, you’ll need to think about the value of the product – the value to you and the value to your customer.
  • Promotion: how you are getting people to buy it. This can involve strategies like email marketing, SEO, inbound marketing, event marketing, public relations, social media and advertising. A few of these are explained more below.

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Stand-Out Swag at SXSW 2014

Having been on a SXSW street team and designed swag pieces for clients in the past, I’m interested and analytical in the swag companies hand out during conferences.

I didn’t pick up much this year but I’m enjoying two pieces I received: sunglasses and a car phone charger, both picked up at the Samsung House.


Branded sunglasses are a common swag piece but as someone who wears these freebies instead of designer sunglasses, it works for me. The ones from Samsung are unique, as you can see from the photo, which draws me to them for my collection, but I would probably wear these less often. Continue Reading…