Want to grow your business and engage customers? Let’s talk about it.

When you run a small business or your own blog, it’s hard wearing many hats. You know you should be using marketing and social media to grow your business but you’re not sure how, you don’t know where to start or simply don’t have enough hours in the day. I can help with my freelance services!

Content Development / Copywriting

Need help developing content to move your potential clients or readers to act? I’ll help you with:

> Blog Content
> Website Content
> Feature Articles and Advertorials
> Whitepapers
> Monthly Newsletters
> Advertising Copy
> Sales One-Pagers

Social Media Management

Your audience lives on social media but it’s at the bottom of your long to-do list. Let’s make sure you’re reaching your audience where they are and providing them value.

> Strategy Development: where should you post, what should you post, how often should you post
> Content Creation: how should the photos look, what words will engage your audience
> Audience Engagement: how do you listen and respond to your audience

Copyediting and Proofreading

Will your content engage readers and potential clients? If you’ve already developed your content for a blog or website but would like an extra set of eyes to check your keywords, check your spelling and grammar, and fine-tune your content so it speaks to your target audience, I’ve got you covered. This is helpful for:

> Blog Posts
> Website Copy
> Editorials
> Advertising Copy
> Sales One-Pagers
> Sales Presentations

Event Marketing, Event Promotion

Throwing an event involves many moving parts and many opportunities to create loyal customers. With solid strategy, execution and analysis, an event can help you gain new customers, increase brand recognition and/or increase brand loyalty. Here are some questions to think about and areas where I can help.

> Before the event: how are you ensuring the attendance of your target audience? how will your event design and flow appeal to potential customers? how will you measure success of an event?
> During the event: how is your brand communicated to your target audience? how is your audience interacting with your brand?

> After the event: how effective was your event? how are you following up after the event to create brand loyalty?

Marketing and Social Media Audits

Not sure what you need? Let’s schedule a time to talk to see if an audit would work best for your needs. Audits include:

> SWOT Analysis / Competitor Analysis
> Discussion of company goals and marketing and/or social media strategies that can help reach those goals
> Analysis of current campaigns and their effectiveness
> Follow-up calls or emails to help you stay on track

Now that you know how I can help build your business, tell me what areas you need help in. Send me a message.